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Online Giving

Why Give



Regular giving of tithes and offerings to support the mission of the Hilltop is an integral part of our worship and exemplifies our gratitude and devotion to God in appreciation for his blessings.


Your generosity enables us to bring the good news of salvation in Christ to more people and to empower them to utilize their God given abilities to its full potential for transformational impact and for the benefit of our communities.


Your giving also supports our outreaches to underserved housing communities and senior residences within our immediate communities.


We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially on a regular basis or through a one-time gift.  You can give a tithe (a tenth of your earnings), a general offering, or a specific offering in support of any of our outreach programs or capital campaign.

Ways to Give



You can give to the Hilltop in several different ways:


1.  Cash/Check/Card in church when you attend any of our services or Check sent in the mail


2.  Stock donations


3.  In-Kind gifts (e.g. Car, Jewelry, Land, Buildings, etc)


4.  Direct Online gifts (via Give Now)


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