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Capital Campaign

In the Beginning


In December 2009 we commenced services at a  5000sf leased facility in the Woodwinds Strip Mall at 307 Sawdust Road, The Woodlands, TX.

Our beginning was a step of faith as we were just a handful of families, but yet started off with facilities that would be able to accomodate much more, with provisions for adult, youth and childrens ministries.

The Lord was faithful in building His church at the current location, but with an expanded vision of our future, conceived in the Fall of 2015, we are reaching out in faith and have acquired and now in process of developing our own facilities.

Reaching Further


The Lord stirred us up in faith, as He did Abram - to move to a place where He would bless us to be a blessing to our community.

As part of the first phase of our Church Land Acquisition and Development campaign, we acquired a 3.7 acre semi developed tract at 4210 Spring Stuebner Road, Spring TX.

We are currently in the final design approval phase for the development of mixed use ministry operations and community support facilities that will include worship and program auditoriums for adult/youth/children ministries, community life and leadership development, children day care & education center, and other impact facilities for community outreach.

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