Hilltop Academy

The Hilltop Academy provides foundational and transformational Christian education for raising leaders who are models of Christ.  The 4-level curriculum is designed to empower believers to recognize their God given potential to lead, developing that potential to full capacity and using it for transformational impact in personal and societal life.

  • 100-Level

    New Believer

    The New Believer School providers young believers with the foundation for a strong and solid relationship with God.  You can expect to:


    • Have a clear understanding of God's plan of redemption for humanity

    • Discover the privileges available to you as a new creation in Christ and your responsibilities to access them

    • Discover your God-given potential and how to take your place in the body of Christ 

  • 200-Level

    Growth / Maturity 

    The Growth / Maturity School equips believers with the strength and stability required for victorious living.  The Hilltop Growth School matures believers for the work of God, transforming them from saints into disciples of Jesus

  • 300-Level


    The Ministry Advancement School enriches maturing believers with good leadership qualities, guiding them to discover their ministry gifts and to locate their unique calling and position in the service of the Lord

  • 400-Level

    Evangelism & Outreach

    The Evangelism School empowers mature believers to become competent leaders in their unique areas of calling in reaching out with the good news of salvation in Christ to their respective communities

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